The concept is simple and not so new. Trading skills and services started way back around 6000 BC by the Phoenicians, near the Mediterranean Sea. 

We are bringing this original way of doing business back and making it simpler, more transparent, and fair...and we believe it's not a coincidence that we're starting right here in Phoenix, Arizona :)

If you offer any type of service in the Phoenix metropolitan area, on the Avontage marketplace you can sell or trade with a tap-of-a-button, build long-lasting connections, and gain high-quality clients and repeat customers.

We are a local software company aiming to democratize local business marketing. The way we're doing that is by building a local community platform where our members can collaborate, sell or exchange their services, gain each other as customers, and help grow their businesses while saving money.

Join our free community if you are a small business owner, influencer, marketer, creative, or freelancer serving Arizona customers.

Get in on the ground floor, save thousands of dollars in marketing and other costs, and help build the next sharing-economy community similar to Airbnb & Lyft. We'll be launching nationwide in late 2019. 

Avontage Founder Explaining Avontage in 60-seconds:

About Us

Avontage is a Scottsdale-based software company. Our team has been busy building a beautifully designed  platform to create a MAGICAL experience for owners, creators, and doers to connect and grow their business through the exchange of services.

Scottsdale, AZ  ‪(602) 730-1719‬


Collaboration is said to take place when two individuals or businesses work together towards achieving a common goal by sharing and exchanging their ideas, talents, skills, or services. Avontage is the ONLY platform that makes this possible...with a Tap-of-a-Button!

Our Vision

Imagine a world where your PASSION is your CURRENCY.

We believe through collaboration & challenging the status quo together we can build that world.

Will you join us?

Our Mission & Purpose

Our mission is to build a trusted community marketplace for local business owners, marketers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, and influencers to collaborate, gain high-quality & repeat clients, and help one another to grow your businesses.

Our Values

We collaborate to grow.
We need creativity to feel alive.
We are a growth minded community.
We support the buy local, local first movement.
We stand with integrity and doing the right thing.
We are creative thinkers challenging the status quo.
We are obsessive about our member's experience on Avontage.
We seek to create community based on trust, collaboration, and charity.
We are relentless in delivering delightful human connections and trade transactions.

Being resourceful is one of the most important skills to succeed.
Frugal innovation is a frame-of-mind that sees more in less.
We believe in a world where your passion is your currency.
On Avontage money is no object.

The Small Business Owner's Challenges

In today's business landscape, where local and small businesses are having to compete with the large and multi-national corporations, starting and growing a small business has become more challenging than ever. 

The biggest advantage that local business owners possess is the sheer power in the numbers. There are 28 million small businesses and 68 million freelancers in the U.S.  Nearly 120 million individuals are employed by small businesses. 

The sharing economy business model has enabled companies such as Uber and Airbnb to unlock classes of underutilized assets in a mass scale (i.e. available cars and available houses) and to change the way many individuals are earning or supplementing their incomes.

Applying the same model to local businesses is the advantage of the Avontage platform. On Avontage local businesses collaborate and exchange their excess capacities to unlock their underutilized assets (i.e. slow times, empty seats, unbooked hours).

According to a number of published surveys, the top challenges for small business owners are:
  • Increasing profit
  • Growing revenue
  • Managing cash flow

Every small business fluctuates from busy times to slow times and has its ups and downs, thus “hurry-up & wait" phenomena. 

The average small business is running at 75% of its potential capacity, which means a whopping 25% growth potential to unlock for each business.

Through collaboration and challenging the status quo we can unlock this 25% potential capacity and we believe it is the key to: 
  • Increasing profit
  • Growing revenue
  • Managing cash flow

Our vision is to build a trusted and democratized platform where local business owners, marketers, influencers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creatives come together to collaborate to unlock their underutilized capacities. 

We believe unlocking these underutilized capacities in line with the trending sharing-economy will grow our national economy and raise the standard of living for the hard-working small business owners and freelancers.

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Earn another $50 Avon-BUCKS* per referral when you spread the word and refer other local business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers or influencers to join our community.

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The Advantages of Avontage

How It Works 

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Scottsdale, AZ  ‪(602) 730-1719‬