Find local freelance services for your business on trade

A community of local businesses, local freelancers, experts, and talents trading skills and services during downtimes.

The world's only Collaborative Business Network to scale your business without spending money.

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Creatives & Freelancers
Creatives, talents, and tech freelancers expand portfolios by trading services to grow your business.
Us marketing advertising pr avontage
Marketing & Advertising
Digital & influencer marketing, social media advertising, SEO, lead generation,PR, and more all on trade.
Coaching personal business avontage
Personal & Biz Coaches
If you are a coach or need coaching our platform offers a place to connect, collaborate, and grow your business.
Virtual online classes avontage
Virtual Offers & Classes
Post your virtual events or attend live fitness, yoga, nutrition, personal and business coaching sessions.
Beauty spa fitness avontage
Beauty Salon, Fitness, Health
Fill your downtimes at spas, salons, gyms, chiropractic, dental, and other self-care services. Trade to grow your business.
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Local Services & Restaurants
Offer local pros, activity tickets, food & drink deals in exchange for marketing, photoshoots, web design, & much more.
See what else you can trade with...
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Multi-Party Trades

You're not limited to one-to-one trades only! Utilizing our trade credit system you can trade your services with one party, earn trade credits, and then use them to get any services you need.

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Conserve Cash

Use your wasted downtime hours to trade for valuable business services you need without spending precious cash.

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Your Team of Experts

Plug into our community as your go-to team of expert business owners and skilled freelancers for outsourcing your projects without spending cash.

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Increase Purchasing Power

Use your downtimes, unbooked hours, and empty seats that are currently going to waste and earn trade credits good to spend on any business or personal services.

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Gain New Clients

Gain dream clients! Collaborate on projects with other freelancers and businesses owners and build long term relationships.

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Charities + Tax Benefits

Donate your excess trade credits to worthy charities, take advantage of tax credits, and help your favorite charity gain access to valuable services in our marketplace!

A Growth-Minded Community of Experts

We are startup founders, business owners, skilled freelancers, entrepreneurs, digital marketers, influencers, publicists, web developers, designers, creatives, virtual assistants, coaches, local service professionals, makers, and doers with a passion for collaboration.

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How It Works

Post Your Offers & Requests

Post your offers (gives) or Requests (asks) in exchange for trade credits (Avontage Bucks). Use your downtimes, unbooked hours, empty seats to gain dream clients. Post your needs and requests to get your projects done without spending money.

Conserve Cash - Pay with Your Services

Search and browse for 1000+ useful services such as digital marketing, graphic design, web development, content and blog writers, fitness and business coaches, even coffee and pet-sitting services. You name it, we got it! Use your accumulated Avontage Bucks trade credits to pay instead of cash.

Our Community is Your Team

We are a strong community of skilled experts. Join our weekly Community Virtual Hour to connect with fellow members and collaborate on projects, hire talents, learn new skills to get projects done. It feels like our community is your in-house team.

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The Advantages of Avontage

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Community of Experts

Join to connect with growth-minded entrepreneurs, skilled freelancers, and local business owners who want to help you grow your business. Find new friends, mentors, and customers in the process!

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Grow Your Business

Get your long awaited projects done without spending money. Gain new clients, repeat customers, and referrals by collaborating with other business owners and freelancers to grow your business.

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Increase Your Profits

It's so simple. Conserve your cash, turn your downtime (currently going to waste) into value, and maximize your productivity to increase your profits. BOOM! Start trading instead of spending.