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What is Avontage? 

Avontage is the future of work. We are a like-minded community of experts, forward-thinking entrepreneurs, and highly skilled freelancers solving each others pain points. We do that by trading skills and services on a trusted and safe platform.

Business barter trading is on the rise and it is the smartest way to achieve scalable growth.

Our story

The Avontage story begins in 2018 when our founder recalled the early days that business barter trading helped to scale his first startup. It occurred to Sean that, as much as he enjoyed trading with other like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs, it was time consuming and difficult to find those who shared the passion for collaboration- and at times unfair exchanges caused bad experiences

A better way of business trading

In response, a computer science engineer, Sean and his team set out to create a platform that brought a sense of community, ease of use, fair exchange, and trust to business barter trading- and ultimately a place where small business owners and freelancers connect to co-elevate one another.

Double coincidence of wants problem

One major problem that the team solved is dubbed the double coincidence of wants. In a barter economy, an exchange between two parties requires that each party's wants is exactly what the other has to offer at the same time- which makes those rare and uncommon events. This phenomenon has been a huge limitation in business barter trading.

We have solved this problem by introducing a medium exchange called Avontage Bucks trade credit system. Members opt to accept Avontage Bucks as trade credits which in turn can be used to get anything they need, hence facilitating multi-party trades.

Avontage's vision

There are nearly 70 million freelancers and creatives and 30 million small businesses in the US who often compete with a global workforce and multi-national corporations- forced to cut rates and deep discount services just to stay busy.

We believe our only unique competitive advantage is the sheer power in our numbers. There are 100,000,000 of us who can help co-elevate one another in a Collaborative Business Network, such as Avontage and create a level playing field for the small business.

Avontage's mission

To build the first ever Collaborative Business Network and provide access to opportunities for those who do not have the financial resources but have plenty of skills, talents, and services to offer. We believe talent is distributed evenly but access to opportunity is not. 

By sharing knowledge, expertise, skills, services, and resources our community helps one another to scale their businesses without adding expenses.

Avontage's values

  • Creative thinkers challenge the status quo.

  • Stand with integrity and do the right thing.

  • A community based on trust, collaboration, and charity.

  • Social and human capital are the strength of our community.

  • Support local businesses and freelancers in our communities.

  • Money is no object in a world where your passion is your currency.

Definitions ...


Collaboration is when two or more people or businesses work together toward a common goal. They do so through an exchange of ideas, talents, skills, or services to co-elevate one another.

Collaborative Business Network 

In a Collaborative Business Network, such as Avontage, those with idle times experiencing slow business are empowered to build and grow their business by trading for skills, talents, and services otherwise they could not afford.

Collaborative Capitalism: The future of small business 

Watch this 3 min video where, Sean Sarram, the founder of Avontage explains our vision for Collaborative Capitalism and how it applies to the future of small business.

Mobile apps now available


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