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The concept is simple and not so new. Trading skills and services started way back around 6000 BC by the Phoenicians, near the Mediterranean Sea. 

We are bringing this original way of doing business back and making it simpler, more transparent, and more fair...and we believe it's not a coincidence that we're starting right here in Phoenix, Arizona :)

Avontage is an online marketplace for local businesses, freelancers, and marketers to trade-exchange services without spending any money. Business barter trading is the smartest way to conserve your cash and grow your business.

Local Service 
Businesses & Venues

Offer your slow times, unbooked hours, or empty seats in exchange for marketing, digital services, or 200+ other service categories.

Freelancers & 

Offer your skills to fill your down times in exchange for any local or digital services.

Digital Marketers
 & Influencers

Offer your marketing services or unused ad spaces in exchange for any freelancer or local services you need.

Why join Avontage?

Avontage is the ONLY platform to help promote and market your business without spending any money.

Utilize your slow times and excess capacities to gain new customers you wouldn’t otherwise have, grow your business, and expand your network.

We promote your services on Avontage via search engine optimization (SEO), Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and all other social media platforms and ads.

Our Vision

Imagine a world where your PASSION is your CURRENCY. We believe through collaboration and challenging the status quo together we can build that world. Will you join us?

Our Mission & Purpose

Our mission is to build a trusted community marketplace for local business owners, marketers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, and influencers to collaborate, gain high quality and repeat clients, and help one another to grow your businesses without spending any money.

Our Values

We collaborate to grow.
We are a growth minded community.
We support local businesses in our community.
We stand with integrity and doing the right thing.
We are creative thinkers challenging the status quo.
We seek to create a community based on trust, collaboration, and charity.
We believe in a world where your passion is your currency.
On Avontage money is no object.


Collaboration is said to take place when two individuals or businesses work together towards achieving a common goal by sharing and exchanging their ideas, talents, skills, or services. 

Avontage is the ONLY platform that makes this possible with a push-of-a-button!

Avontage Founder Explaining Avontage in 60-seconds

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