How it works

What is Avontage?

Avontage is a platform designed  for growth-minded and creative entrepreneurs, small business owners, and digital freelancers who have some excess capacity (i.e.  downtimes, slow business, unbooked hours, empty seats) and would like to conserve cash on their expenses. 

On Avontage, businesses become more profitable by trading- for the services and projects they need to grow their business- and by conserving cash on expenses. Business barter trading is on the rise and it is the smartest way to grow your business.

How Avontage works in 30 seconds

Business bartering is not to replace your cash business but to enhance business productivity during slow times and to conserve cash during these challenging times. On Avontage we use Avontage Bucks to keep track of the value of each trade and facilitate multi-party trades- hence solving the one-to-one limitation in trading. Members earn and spend Avontage Bucks trade credits.


Local Service 
Businesses & Venues

Offer services during slow times on our robust marketplace. Then get talents, services, and skills you need without increasing your overhead and cost.

Freelancers & 

Leverage your skills! You can trade your skills and services during your down time for valuable goods and services you need. Plus you expand your portfolio and testimonials!

Digital Marketers
 & Influencers

Make your unused ad space and digital services work for you! Trade your marketing finesse for goods and services you need. You can even outsource some of your tasks to skilled freelancers and expand your team!

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