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How It Works

Avontage is an online marketplace for local businesses, freelancers, and marketers to trade-exchange services without spending any money. Business barter trading is the smartest way to conserve your cash and grow your business.

Local Service 
Businesses & Venues

Offer your slow times, unbooked hours, or empty seats in exchange for marketing, digital services, or 200+ other service categories.

Freelancers & 

Offer your skills to fill your down times in exchange for any local or digital services.

Digital Marketers
 & Influencers

Offer your marketing services or unused ad spaces in exchange for any freelancer or local services you need.

How to Barter-Trade Your Services

It takes less than 5 minutes to join

  • Join Us:  Create your FREE account.
  • Post Your Offers:  Create offers to fill your slow-times, unbooked-hours, or empty-seats.
  • Earn Free Bonus Receive $200 Avontage Bucks bonus trade-credits for FREE immediately.
  • Sell Your Offers:  Start earning Avontage Bucks and gaining new clients & repeat customers.
  • Go Shopping, Conserve Cash:  Browse, search & pay with your Avontage Bucks trade credits for the services that you need. 
  • Avontage Bucks?  It's our internal "currency" or trade-credits used to keep track of the value of each trade and to allow multi-party trades, so you’re not limited to one-to-one trades only.  
  • Build Community Connect and do business with like-minded local business owners who share the passion for collaboration. 
  • Join our Community Virtual Hour and Community Forum to make more connections.

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Do I have to be a business owner to be a member?

Not necessarily, you can be a local business, a creative, a freelancer, an influencer, or anyone with a talent or skill who’s willing to offer your services or products for trade. However, we do check to ensure quality members. You must be a legitimate business owner to join our community. We work hard to make sure everyone on our platform is high quality member who has the passion for collaboration and trading services.

What is Avontage Bucks?

  • Avontage Bucks is our internal “currency” trade credits.  You earn Avontage Bucks when you “sell” trade your offers/services and spend them to "buy" other offers from other members..

  • Avontage Bucks have no cash value.


Why Avontage Bucks?

We use Avontage Bucks to keep track of the value of each trade and services offered. It also facilitates multi-party trades and exchange of services, so you’re not limited to one-to-one trades only. Business bartering doesn’t have to be one-to-one. 


How do I check my Avontage Bucks balance?

You can view your current available Avontage Bucks balance on your Profile page, as well as, when you're getting ready to make a payment you'll be presented with your available balance.


How does a trade transaction work?

  • You curate and post your special offers in the Avontage marketplace.

  • You sell your offers and earn Avontage Bucks.

  • With your earned Avontage Bucks, you can buy any other offers.

  • When services have been rendered & offer is Redeemed, Buyer needs to "Mark Complete" the transaction to confirm satisfactory receipt, and the Seller gets paid in Avontage Bucks.

  • An eBay style “escrow” accounting is utilized to withhold the Avontage Bucks in transition while transaction is pending completion, to ensure a trustful process.


How do I price my offers in Avontage Bucks?

  • It’s simple, 1 Avontage Bucks = 1 Dollar $USD.

  • Price your Offers in Avontage Bucks similar to your retail rates when accepting cash or credit card. No less. 

  • No deep discounting is required. Remember, your Offers are also available to the general public which pays with credit card and you get all of it minus transaction and credit card processing fees.


How do I start shopping when I haven't "sold" anything yet to earn Avontage Bucks?

This is why during our Beta phase, we'll issue $200 Avontage Bucks to everyone who signs up and posts at least 2 offers. 

How do I earn more Avontage Bucks?

  • You can earn more Avontage Bucks by "selling"/trading your Offers.

  • You can also bank your offers by selling a certain number of it to the platform. This helps you raise the funds you need to buy other offers.

  • Also you can earn $100 Avontage Bucks for every qualified member you refer to us.

  • Qualified referrals:

    • Must be a quality local business owner or freelancer.

    • Must post at least one Offer.

    • Offer must be within our Terms of Use*.


Are there any tax implications?

  • When buying any Offers, any sales taxes are due in cash/credit card to the Seller, if required by the Seller.

  • Per IRS regulations, all business barters and trades must be reported as income and expense, just as you would any cash expense. Please consult your accountant for details. Below is the excerpt from IRS's website.

    • "...Reporting Bartering Income You must include in gross income in the year of receipt the fair market value of goods or services received from bartering. Generally, you report this income on Form 1040, Schedule C, Profit or Loss from Business (Sole Proprietorship) or Form 1040, Schedule C-EZ, Net Profit from Business (Sole Proprietorship). If you failed to report this income, correct your return by filing a Form 1040X, Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. Refer to Topic No. 308 and Should I File an Amended Return? for information on filing an amended return...."

Can I accept or pay with credit cards?

  • Yes. If you choose to Buy any offer and pay with your credit card.

  • To sell your offers and accept credit card payments, you will need to set up your bank account info. Go to Settings -> Payments and enter your bank account info.

  • *All credit card payment processing and bank account information are on highly secure and encrypted servers by Stripe (see Avontage does not store any banking or credit card information on our servers.

Do I have to provide my bank account info?

No, you don't. You only need to enter your bank account information under if you wish to accept credit card payments for your offers. All credit card payment processing is through and fully secure and encrypted.


What are the top categories of services on Avontage marketplace?




--Local Services


What if I need certain services that are not listed or available yet?

  • You can Post your request on our Community Forum.

  • We also encourage you to message us about any of your needs so we can actively recruit and focus our marketing efforts.

  • You may also recruit and refer from within your business circle and earn $50 Avontage Bucks per referral.  

How much does the membership cost?

Nothing, it's 100%  FREE. It's free to join and free to post and sell your offers.


How do we make money?

  • Avontage is 100% free to be a member of and to post your offers.

  • There is zero transaction fees for any offers you SELL in exchange for Avontage Bucks

  • On the average a Transaction fee of less than 10% will be charged to your credit card when you spend your trade credits (Avontage Bucks) to buy and receive value. 

  • On the average a transaction fee of less than 10%  will be deducted from offers you SELL, but only when accepting card payments.


Fine print:
  • Avontage Bucks have no cash value.
  • The 200 Avontage Bucks sign up bonus and the 50 Avontage Bucks Refer & Earn issued during are a token of our appreciation for your participation, providing feedback, and spreading the word. These bonus Avontage Bucks expire 90 days from the date issued...use them or lose them.
  • All new member referrals and offers must be approved by Avontage.
  • Offer values posted must be no more than your retail cash prices, no overcharging.