David Ralston, The best Therapist in Arizona

Your Trusted Therapist in Arizona – David Ralston LMT

Your Trusted Therapist in Arizona – David Ralston LMT

On this week’s Member’s Corner Blog, we are thrilled to introduce to you one of our members, most trusted therapist in Arizona, David Ralston.

David, one of the best therapist in Arizona, has been doing massage therapy and stretching since he graduated way back in 1999. Came to AZ in 2001 Started off by doing in-home massage, a chiro office, Spa setting for a moment. Spent some years with a franchise, found an office and did in-home massage and then the last 4 yrs I have a gig with Isagenix working on the Executive team.

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60 Minute Massage with Stretching
90 Minute Massage Therapy


To know more about David, the best therapist in Arizona, we asked him the following questions:

Imagine you are the keynote speaker at an event, how would the MC introduce you and your business?:
There are many people whom call themselves with the title of Licensed Massage Therapist in Arizona yet what this man professes to do is something very few if any that take his unique approach to massage therapy and working the body the way he does.

This, ladies and gentlemen is a unique opportunity to meet the humble easy going David Ralston a Scottsdale based Massage therapist.

Tell us about your background, hometown, family, hobbies, passions?:
David was born into a small town of Marion, Ohio. Moved to Mansfield, Ohio

I Graduated High School and was a college grad from NCTC 1984 with an AS in Law Enforcement. I entered the Air Force 1986-1990 and worked in Security had a strong desire to get out and be a Police Officer.

I’m also wound up working in Juvenile detention and Residential treatment with kids. Also, I went to school at Central Ohio School of Massage in Columbus, Ohio Graduate in 1999.

I have taken on many different forms of learning from seminars to working within Spas, with Chiropractors and large corporation doing work on their executives. A small business owner, Educator of creative massage techniques.

Took NCBTMB Continuing Education Provider #451740-11 I have a love for learning by actual years in the field and a passion for knowing more about what I choose to know about, not what someone else thinks I have to read and do a report on.

  • I have always loved Bruce Lee and the wisdom & Philosophy of JKD,
  • Absorb what is useful and reject what is useless.
  • Stay invested in what you like to do and find better ways to do it.
  • I feel I come from humble roads and tend to have a sense of humor and a caring heart.

Take an analytical approach to massage, moving from one concern to the next assembling a treatment plan after the assessment.

I make every effort to help clients understand what I find and what I believe to be the source of their concern. This is done through knowledge of working on thousands of people throughout my years in this field.

It is my firm belief that you do not come in just to be worked on but are an active participant working with your therapist to achieve the best results possible. Communication and trust are pillars of my work. So if you want my thoughts ask doesn’t mean you have to agree with it.

I’ll be upfront with you and tell you my thoughts and if there is nothing I can do I will tell you,
not drag you along. Like watching the UFC, Basketball, Football, Track, Youtube, Interested in listening to different christian speakers.

What do you love about Arizona?:
Warmth, many small towns within driving distance to getaway.

Tell us about your business. How long ago and how did you get started? What service(s) or product(s) do you offer?:
I’ve been doing Massage therapy and stretching since I graduated from school in 1999. Came to AZ in 2001 Started off by doing in-home massage, a chiro office, Spa setting for a moment.

Even spent some years with a franchise, Found an office and did in-home massage and then the last 4 yrs I have a gig with Isagenix working on the Executive team. The gist of my work is out of my Scottsdale office. What type of work do I do?

Many people like to put you into a box or a label or a level and define you this way. Unfortunately, I don’t really have a style or a name of what I do because I cross blend multiple things that work for me. I don’t limit myself by a definition of say Deep Tissue and this is all I do.

I have a background of working for many years and tend to blend many different techniques or styles perhaps with a slight twist of the way originally seen, to modify whom I am working on at that time. As you know no 2 bodies are the same so why would one think well I use neuromuscular and that is all I use. How limiting!

Bruce Lee formed his own art from a combination of many different styles to call his own art Jeet Kune Do. He had mixed multiple styles Silat with muay thai and wing chun to name a few. It becomes a blend and doesn’t limit you to one style. SO IF YOU HAVE TO DEFINE ME… I do Bodywork with the help of tools!

Do I use cupping? Possibly but not to pool blood to the surface so we can leave a bruise. IASTM /Gua Sha ? Once again My goal is not to scrape you to the point of redness to bring about blood to the surface. I use tools to help protect my hands.

I refuse to be bound by a label. I offer 60 min and a 90-minute massage. You might think I am overly swamped with the yrs of experience but some days I am and some days I am not. Perhaps the nature of the business.

David Ralston, The Best Therapist in Arizona

Who’s your ideal client? What’s the biggest problem you solve for them?:
Based on my experience as a therapist in Arizona, I see many people with all types of ailments and issues. There isn’t just one type if the truth be told. Education with muscle release and stretching.

How do you market your business? How are people aware of your business?:
As a therapist in Arizona, I use Avontage, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Yelp, and my website.

Tell us some of the challenges and lessons you’ve learned since you started your business.:
I’ve had many challenges and life lessons as a therapist in Arizona, when people ask on the table I’m always honest.

To what do you attribute your success?:
Honestly, I’m not sure what success really is as it seems to change quite frequently in today’s day and age. Is it being constantly busy? Making lots of money? Or simply helping someone to move a little easier within their week? I think doing through work, listening to people on the table. Also, trying to stay humble in a world where it’s fast becoming all about look at me look at what I can do.

Whom do you seek advice from for your business? Whom do you like to follow in the business world? Why?:
Sometimes you look around and you see for many its all about $$$$ and likes and numbers of followers. Being Arizona’s best therapist in Avontage is also not my focus. I would be happy if I helped one person in a day because I feel like I did something of value. I can’t say I have mentors who are sad. However, I do find a few chiropractors that I find interesting.

Because the field of massage has a large context of many meanings too many people, there’s a new age & relaxation/spa and the latest and greatest new flashy sounding name for a technique someone boxed together. The truth bodywork is a constant learning game with refinements and those who have passion are usually in rooms helping people.

There is another route called the medical, clinical, orthopedic, fix it twist to some that like that approach. So probably more along my line of what I bond with.

If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out, what would it be?:
Learn quickly to save your hands and realize if you are a giver many will take and take and take. So I learn when to say I’m done or NO!

How do you achieve work-life balance?:
There are times that I can be bad at this but I get bodywork myself mixed with good chiropractic. Eat well, a lot of rest, work on myself with tools. Keep my mind moving as in always learning and not getting stuck.

Try to maintain a few healthy relationships with others and other therapist in Avontage.

Favorite quotes or book recommendations:
Sometimes you may not feel like it but pushing yourself when you don’t want to is a game-changer.

Don’t forget to check out the best therapist in Avontage, David Ralston.
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