What is trade by barter?

What is trade by barter?

f you’re reading this blog you’re new or perhaps on the fence about how to barter in Scottsdale or somewhere in your area. The concept is simple and not so new. Trading skills and services started way back around 6000 BC by the Phoenicians, near the Mediterranean Sea.

From centuries ago to today, we are bringing this original way of doing business back and making it simpler, more transparent, and more fair…and we believe it’s not a coincidence that we’re starting right here in Phoenix, Arizona.

Bartering by trade over time still hasn’t changed its original principals through. It may have been done on-site historically verses in today’s modern age, but still, the exchange of services, whether done remotely or in-house for exchange for trade versus money, applies to the trade concept today.

With the use of applications and computers, trading has become a popular way of doing business. In recent publications by the Harvard Business Review in 2012, The Exploding Business of Bartering, the concept was featured almost 10 years ago and progressing in many states over the past decade as businesses move into the digital age.

How it works?

Avontage is an online marketplace for local businesses, freelancers, and marketers to trade-exchange services and barter without spending any money. Business barter trading in Scottsdale, Phoenix, or in your business location locally, is one of the smartest ways to conserve your cash and grow your business.

Why join Avontage?

First, Avontage is the ONLY barter platform to help promote and market your business without spending any money.

Second, owners and entrepreneurs are able to utilize your slow times and excess capacities to gain new customers you wouldn’t otherwise have to grow your business and expand your network.

Thirdly, we promote your services on Avontage via search engine optimization (SEO), Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and all other social media platforms and ads.

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Once enrolled, you can start posting business ads for free and earn $200 free AvontageBucks to start spending and connecting with local business owners in your area!

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