Talented Logo Makers on Trade

When you’re looking for copy writers, massage therapists, website builders, logo makers, or other creatives, an innovative way to search for them is on a platform that connects businesses with skilled freelancers. When you find the freelancer that meets your needs, you’ll be able to grow your brand with no money out of pocket. And what business owner doesn’t appreciate being able to save money? 

Although saving money is a valid – and often the primary – reason many people barter in order to grow their business, the fact that trade actually promotes and encourages a regenerative and circular economy could be viewed as reason enough. Trade adds to a business’s profitability while also helping entrepreneurs, which, in turn, helps the community.

Logo Makers, Typists, and Bakers, Oh My!

As a small business owner, when you find that perfect massage therapist or editor to trade services with, you may eventually discover that you could also benefit from a social media influencer who is able to create interest in your fledgling or struggling business. Or a baker who can create tasty delicacies that you need to give to clients as a token of appreciation. There are an infinite number of products, skills, and services that freelancers offer that can add to your bottom line. Plus, there are additional benefits, including receiving unique items that can be tailored to your needs, made by local entrepreneurs.

When to Barter Trade

Any time is a good time to trade. But when there is a depressed economy or circumstances outside of your control (think pandemic) cause a dip in your business, business barter trade should be considered a feasible option. Many people often take part in a cookie exchange during the holidays – think of a business bartering network as a similar platform, but on a much larger scale. 

Business owners, freelancers, and creatives benefit greatly by collaborating with one another. As trade and exchange of services take place, it connects and builds trust among community members, especially if trades occur on a local level. Meaningful relationships are forged and communities strengthened.

How to Barter Trade

The collaborative growth that occurs in a trade economy empowers business owners and those with whom they trade. It also allows them to grow their business while collaborating with others to help grow their professional ventures. But finding those logo makers, business strategists, and web designers to trade with can be stressful and frustrating. Luckily, there is an online marketplace that is changing how small businesses and freelancers work together. On Avontage, local businesses find local freelance services on trade. Members are able to create custom offers to meet the needs of other creatives (business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs alike). This practice is seamless because of the organization’s structure and also due to the relationships formed on the platform. The community trades with each other, but also refers others’ services to the business world at large, which allows for actual money to also be earned.

The current climate is calling for business barter trade now more than ever. Find out more.

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