News Feature at Scottsdale Independent

News Feature at Scottsdale Independent

Scottsdale software company, offers a place for local business owners to exchange their services through the new platform.

Avontage provides a platform for business owners to convert their services into ‘Avontage Bucks’ to pay for any service on the platform, according to a press release, noting that it does not have to be a direct trade between two businesses alone.

The founder, Sean Sarram developed the idea for Avontage while trying to grow his first business, VIP Ride International and realizing they had a lot of slow times and limited marketing funds.

He contacted other businesses offering to trade his services for services he needed during his slow times, the release said.

Meanwhile, he noticed that when he was busy he did not continue this type of outreach as it is very time-consuming, the release said, detailing his research that led him to create a platform to connect like-minded business owners to trade-exchange their excess capacities.

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