How to Grow Your Coaching Business Without Spending Money on Avontage

The biggest obstacles to growing your coaching business are finding clients, building a portfolio, and cashflow. The cash flow can be a particularly vexing topic. To make money, you need to spend money, right?

Not necessarily!

Avontage is a platform where you can gain new clients, build your portfolios, and grow your business without spending money. Instead, you trade your slow days and unused coaching service time slots as revenue!

What is Avontage?

Avontage is an online community that engages in collaborative capitalism through trading goods and services with each other. Our businesses, freelancers, and coaches all grow their businesses by helping one another — all without spending money to do it!

Avontage members are the exact clients you are looking for! Most of our members are success-oriented business owners and entrepreneurs trying to improve themselves and grow their business.

How Does Avontage Work?

When you sign onto the Avontage website, you will have the option to post offers to our robust community of business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Members use our platform trade currency “Avontage Bucks” (A-Bucks) to redeem offers they need. 

When you successfully complete an offer, you will receive A-bucks to spend on services you need to grow your business. Whether you need website development, a social media manager, a content writer, a new business photo, a pet-sitter while you work, or a B-vitamin infusion from a local wellness clinic, you will find it here.

How Does Avontage Help My Coaching Business Grow?

We help in a variety of ways! When you offer services on Avontage you:

  • Turn your slow days and digital coaching services into buying power for things your business needs.
  • Gain access to a wide variety of high-quality goods and services. All without having to spend money. Each service redeemed is one less item in your business overhead.
  • Make new local and online client connections. Once they try out your offers on Avontage, they may ask for regular coaching or other services you offer.
  • Gain exposure. Your listings and participation in events like our online virtual hour help put you at the front of our members’ minds for coaching services.
  • Build Your Portfolio. Gain success stories and reviews while you grow your business.
  • And more!

Our staff is always eager to help our members find value on the platform. We’ll walk you through the setup process, help you brainstorm the most effective offers, and help connect you to the services you need. If it’s not on the platform, we’ll start searching!

Tips for Success:

  • Give Any Offer Your Best. It can lead to future work or referrals from your Avontage clients later.

  • Ask for Testimonials. Most people in our community will be happy to help one another out! Build your portfolio and client-success history with projects you do for Avontage members.

  • List Your Offer Mindfully. Make sure it outlines exactly what the client can expect to get. If it only covers a specific day or time slot, make sure they know before they apply for your offer. There is also an option to limit the number of times people can redeem the offer every month. You can adjust it as needed!

  • Update Regularly. Did you raise your rates or offer a new service? Update your offers accordingly. If an offer seems to be getting a low response, re-optimize the keywords, images, and tags.

  • Utilize Case Studies and Testimonials in Your Gallery. These are a great way to show how well you help others attain their goals.

  • Take Advantage of the Forums and Our Friday Virtual Hour. These are a great way to connect to fellow business owners locally and throughout the nation. You can even volunteer to host a 15-20 minute presentation to show your expertise first hand!
    As an added bonus, participating gives you further insight into members’ interests, pain points, and needs. You can customize coaching services specifically for the community with far less trial and error.

  • Don’t Undersell Your Services! You are already making an amazing offer by allowing people to trade A-bucks for your service. You do not need to do a deep sale to generate attention. Charge what you normally would in A-bucks, and focus on quality rather than the price line.

You don’t need to slash your prices or spend money to grow your coaching business. With Avontage, you can turn slow days into buying power. Even better, by helping other businesses succeed, you also help your own business grow. All without spending any money!

Come take a look at our amazing offers today. If you have any questions, you can contact our amazing team here. We’d love to have you join our community!

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