How to Grow Your Business Without Spending Money

It’s courageous to commit to a creative life. You have the passion. You have grit. You wouldn’t be a freelancer if you didn’t. I know the creative life comes with all sorts of complexities for which you may have never planned. Maybe you urgently need to scale your portfolio as a writer, earn stellar reviews as a graphic designer, or grow your client list as a photographer, web designer, or other creative. And with the 2020 pandemic, connecting with local business owners and other freelancers to offer your services is ever more difficult. But there’s hope. You can trade your passion for the experts you need, without spending any money. This is not only possible, it’s the future of work in 2021!

On the innovative community platform, Avontage, a Collaborative Business Network unlocks all these possibilities. You can access the resources, tools, and community support necessary to start your freelance services, or scale your services into a legit business with consistent workflow. Through the power of a trade economy, you exchange your services with those in your community or offer to “pay” them for their expertise using your Avontage Bucks (trade credits). 

For example, let’s say you’re ready to launch or scale your freelance photography services into a proper business, but you need to rebrand online successfully. You know you have so much to learn and do. The worst part? You hate the business side. Selling online is hard. And you just want to put your creativity to work. You want to live your passion. Dealing with the other stuff just stifles your workflow and motivation. But what if you had an expert team to do all the business-side for you? And what if you could secure it using your creative passion as your currency? You can. 

When you offer your services during your downtimes and empty hours, and earn enough trade credits, you can hire your graphic designer, sales coach, web developer, content writer, social media optimizer, and financial consultant. You can pivot online and rebrand quickly. You’ll learn to thrive as a person, be efficient and productive, and you can build a profitable and consistent business. This is so much cheaper than spending cash you don’t have. And doing work for which you have a distaste. It a smart move whether you’re pivoting, scaling or starting your freelance work or business. A huge benefit is you’re quickly building your portfolio, your client list, earning stellar reviews and, therefore, bigger, better, more stable clients. You’re making a name for yourself. Pretty sweet deal, right? 

And here’s the best part: You learn to make offers for your services that are aligned with your actual value as a creative. On the Avontage community platform, you are bartering your skilled services. Not your worth. This speaks to why you set your own prices; within the scope you define. Your price is set, you just find the experts you want to trade with (and who really need your services!). You are valuable. Your services are increasingly valuable. For example, if you’re a writer still making $0.01 to $0.10 per word, or $100 per white-paper page, you’re being taken advantage of. I know this. You know this. On the Avontage platform, you don’t have to settle. You get paid your worth. And you can get exactly what you need to cultivate a fruitful, consistent business. 

Your freelance-service offers are also recyclable, so your offers are limitless and the credits you earn have no max or cap. So, if you have extra trade credits, you can exchange them for a well-deserved massage or a fancy restaurant meal. Or maybe you scale and need to hire someone, so you use your trade credits for photo editing services to make your job just a little easier. The possibilities are endless. Think Bitcoin: cashless doesn’t equal profitless. The Avontage community is like Bitcoin barter exchange, except Avontage centers on growth-minded entrepreneurs and business owners who value profitability, scalability, and enriching their community. And since hundreds on the Avontage platform are local, you’re interweaving meaning into your work by cultivating sustainable economic growth in your very own community. Come check us out and see how Avontage can give you the advantage in launching or growing your business fast!

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[…] Read this next: How to Grow Your Business Without Spending Money […]

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