How to Grow Your Brand by Bartering

Bartering has been around since the dawn of time – long before money became the currency of choice. Business bartering works in the same way, it’s just a larger scale trading economy. When learning how to grow your brand as a freelancer or small business owner, bartering platforms should definitely be strongly considered.

The Problem with Bartering

You can barter to reduce costs, enhance revenues, build brand awareness, and also expand the pool of potential clients. When a graphic designer trades with a copywriter for services, for example, there is a direct exchange: the former now has content for their website and the latter now has a logo or other original graphics for her business. But what if the graphic designer actually wants a massage but doesn’t know a massage therapist? Or requires dental work but is not sure which dentists are willing to work in trade? This is where a collaborative business network comes in handy.

How to Grow Your Brand

No matter how expansive your business network is, if your connections are unaware of bartering or how a trade economy works – or of each other! – you will still need to fork over cash in order to effectively learn how to grow your brand. If you have excess products, you should consider putting them to good use by offering them in exchange for the services or products you need. All of this can easily be accomplished without even opening your wallet. Something we all have concerns about, even when business is going well.

Generating value using your expertise is an innovative strategy to implement, especially if you are a new business. With so many joining the gig economy, despite its own anxiety-inducing environment, there is no better time than now to offer what you do to others who are looking for you. You just need to make it easier for those people to find you. And lessening the amount of stress involved in the process is important, too.

Where to Start

Joining a business barter trading platform that is full of other entrepreneurs makes it easier than ever to connect with like-minded individuals for the products and services that help you run your business as professionally as possible. All without money exchanging hands.

Avontage is an online marketplace that is changing how small business owners and freelancers collaborate. On Avontage, local businesses and local freelancers offer product, skills, and services on trade. The platform is free to join and answers the question of how to grow your brand, whether you have only recently ventured out on your own or you’ve been in business for years. 

Imagine a world where your passion is your currency instead of slaving away, day after day, year after year, for a paycheck. Bartering opens the door to a more creative way of doing business. Let us know how we can help get you started growing your brand through bartering.

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