How to Build a Killer Sales Team in 3 Simple Steps

The sales force is the heartbeat of your business. You may produce a quality product, but you need people who can persuade customers to try it. It is time to assemble a killer sales force.

Hire Smart

You might think that anyone can do sales or that your product is so good that it sells itself. Having an excellent salesperson is like serving that great product on a silver platter. Your salespeople represent your business. Even if they do not make the sale, you want them to leave a good impression. Your sales force should be outgoing people who get along well with others. They need to be fast learners who can think on their feet. They need to have an independent spirit and a strong sense of self-motivation. Hiring software can greatly improve your chances of finding the right fit for your needs. When a good salesperson interviews with you, the test of suitability is if that person can sell him or herself for the job.

Give Them What They Need

For a sales force to its job well, they must know your products or services inside and out. They need to be able to answer the common questions your customers will ask. This means that some of the sales force’s time must be devoted to learning and training. They also need the ability to share information with customers in an efficient way. A big part of a sales rep’s job is catering to potential customers’ specific needs in order to net the sale. Tools like sales asset management software can help them stay organized and spend their time more productively. Sales asset management software is used by many businesses to coordinate the information of several departments. This software allows your sales team to access marketing promotions, inventory numbers and customer information all from a single portal. With this tool, your sales force can spend more time with customers and less time searching for information.

Cultivate a Positive Atmosphere

Sales can be a difficult job, especially when the economy is slow and sales number drop. A failed sale can feel like a personal rejection. Since your sales force represents your business, you want to keep things positive. Create some space in the day for brainstorming and developing creative marketing and sales tactics. Focus more on rewarding success than criticizing failure. You might want to invest in some sort of reward system, bonuses for exceeding the daily quota. Such rewards do not always need to be purely financial. Some extra time off or a catered meal for the sales team is often appreciated. Keeping your sales force happy will keep your business thriving.

A great sales team does not just happen. It takes work to put together an excellent team. Giving the right tools and motivation to the right people will help you develop a killer sales force.

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