How to Boost Your Company’s Credibility Online

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One of the most common issues that small business owners face is not with their product or service but with their lack of online trust. The fact is, consumers want to purchase and support companies they trust. This is why online retailer giant such as Amazon control a large majority of the eCommerce world. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have a chance; it simply means you need to work harder and smarter to capture that same trust. The following list includes some of the best ways to boost your company’s credibility online.

Rank High on Google

When consumers hear about your company, often the first thing they will do is Google you. However, when you aren’t even found within the first or second page, they might start to think that your company isn’t legitimate. Those searching for your type of product might not even find you at all. The fact is, that the only way to gain credibility on Google is to optimize your website. This means inserting high ranking keywords that will begin to push your page closer to the first search results page. This might take a while to accomplish as Google optimization does take a while to show results, but the work is well worth the wait.

Have a Social Media Presence

Over the years, consumers have come to determine that if a company does not have a social media presence that they may not be too credible. Thus, the reason why your company should focus on expanding its reach into this area. CertifiedLikes explains follower count, number of likes and the quality of your content are the biggest factors in appearing credible on Instagram.

Add Website Testimonials

Potential clients can be sold on your product or service through the process of attention-grabbing posts on social media or by the sleek design of your website. However, to ultimately convince them to purchase, most people will want to know that your product or service has worked for others. Therefore, business owners should seriously consider adding testimonials to their website. These must be real people with real results. Posting fake testimonials can truly bring down your business if anyone finds out, and trust us, they will. Not only will it destroy your reputation, SEQ Legal explains that it is actually a crime! Always make sure to consult with these people before using their likeness or words within your website.

Credibility is one of the biggest driving forces for consumer purchases. It is understandable that people want to feel safe and confident with their purchase. However, that confidence must be provided by your company in this case. Simply adhere to the tips above to begin implementing these confidence-building techniques into your business today.

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