Trading Local Business Economy

From graphic designers to Uber drivers, the gig economy is everywhere. It is seen to be the future of labor where those involved will be considered as the true freelancers. In the world of manpower where cold cash is gold, financial and career independence is still far to be seen.

But why exhaust your financial resources if you can barter and trade your services? The true measure of success in a business is how well an owner can strategize and utilize down times. Through this form of economy, everyone has the chance to offer what they have and be patronized for it. A free market for all businesses.

A TRUE free market economy is one that all members have an opportunity to participate, add value, and gain benefit. The more participants there are, the more vibrant the economy would be for all. An ideal economy shall be a decentralized marketplace where the higher the value of each member’s contribution, the higher the demand and rewards would be. From a micro-startup to the world of finance, any entity could participate in such marketplace on equal footing. A place where small business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, or anyone with any talent or skill can offer their services, trade and earn credits for goods and services. This is our vision at Avontage, that’s why we created this platform. We believe in collaboration, sharing and exchanging ideas, skills, and services. We believe that these are the keys in growing our national economy and standard of living for the hard-working small business owners.

How does it work?

Our platform’s mission is to build a trusted community marketplace for local business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. That’s why this is the perfect platform for everybody who wants to grow their business without using additional capital. All they have to do is sign up, set up their profile and post the service they are offering. So, after doing this, they will earn $200 Ducats which is an internal currency credit-points that can be earned by selling offers and referral. These ducats can be used to redeem and buy other offers and services from other members.

What are the Services Available?

Here are the services offered in this platform:

  • Accounting/Bookkeeping/CPA
  • Air Conditioning/HVAC Services
  • Attorney/Legal
  • Auto Repair/Mechanic Service
  • Chiropractors/Physical Therapists
  • Dentist -Dental work
  • Digital Marketing
  • Fitness and Training – Yoga/Plate/Gym
  • Food -Restaurants/Catering/Cafe
  • Handyman/Appliance/Electrical/Plumbing Services
  • Health/Beauty Spa/Massage
  • Home/Office Cleaning Services
  • Hotel & Travel
  • IT Services/Web/App Development
  • Influencer – Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc
  • Kid’s Activities/Events
  • Landscaping Maintenance/Services
  • Pet Training and Services
  • Pest Control
  • Photography/Video Production
  • Plastic/Laser Surgery
  • Pool Services
  • Print Advertising Magazine/Coupons/Mailers
  • Printing Services/Business Cards, etc
  • Sporting Activity/Golf, Karate, etc
  • Transportation -Limos/Uber/Taxi Services
  • and many others…

What are the benefits?

Many small local business community are using Avontage because it offers a lot of benefits like the following listed down below:

  • A free marketplace – If you want to launch and grow your business, Avontage is the best platform to use. Why? Because unlike other platforms, it is free to use. So, there is no membership needed to sign up and use this platform.
  • Repeat clients – With Avontage, you can get repeat clients by providing quality services which can definitely help you grow and improve your small business.
  • Save your cash – In Avontage, your passion is your currency. This means that by offering services, you can earn internal currency credit-points or simply, Ducats. This currency is can be used to buy and pay services. By doing this you can pay services without paying cash.
  • Maximize your capacity during slow times – Avontage will help you grow your business by letting users offer their excess capacity at their own schedule.
  • Build your community through collaboration – Avontage is a trusted community marketplace for everybody wherein they can trade services that can help them increase their profit, grow their revenue, and manage cash flow.

This marketplace community can truly help a lot of people not just owners, but as well as freelancers who want to increase their profit by doing collaborating and helping one another to achieve a common goal.



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