Collaborative Capitalism – The Future of Small Business

Collaborative capitalism is thriving, especially within Collaborative Business Networks like Avontage. This form of exchange, especially when cultivated within a shared community, can save businesses and allow for launching new businesses fast1,2. Collaboration among locally owned businesses is incredibly powerful. The distribution of funds is funneled locally to the workers and business owners, which creates quick and meaningful change. This is the future of small, successful business1,2

Efforts in collaborative capitalism are emerging across disparate communities at a fast rate. Local urban communities engaging in this approach are revitalizing2. What makes this form of collaborative capitalism unique, compared to countries who regularly engage in it, such as Japan or Germany, is that it is a completely local arrangement. Distant shareholders, controlling everything from far away, just isn’t a part of local collaborative capitalism. Instead, it’s about building from the ground-up and having the structure that supports sharing resources locally1,2. We do have some laws in the U.S. that make collaborative capitalism more difficult, such as anti-trust laws, but that doesn’t preclude us from engaging as independent individuals in this form of trade as a community. 

The small businesses and freelancers who focus on authentic, social business that is partner-centric, tech savvy, innovation-based and growth-minded1, and, most importantly, facilitated on a community platform, will be the new face of extraordinary success. Collaborative Business Networks like Avontage focus on cultivating these values in their local communities. In fact, collaborative capitalism like this is booming, while freelancing is rising at unprecedented rates, and there’s a rising Freelance Revolution of sorts3. Whole communities are prospering2,3. But how does this make sense?


After all, we may be experiencing the largest economic struggle since the Great Depression4. Local and small business owners are shutting down for good, and at unprecedented rates5. Poverty and food insecurity rise in our communities and neighborhoods, while corporations pocket billions. The gig-economy, or freelance share economy, is thriving3, but there’s no regulation and it’s often not actually “sharing”; workers are chronically undervalued and underpaid6. All of this reflects the U.S.’ history of competitive capitalism2. However, collaborative capitalism opens our eyes to the fact that there’s several forms of capitalism. In this moment, we’re all watching the downfall of the competitive form, amplified by the pandemic. And as we observe this downfall, we’re simultaneously observing an up-rise of the collaborative form1,2.

More small businesses realize the value of this powerful approach, and how Collaborative Business Networks catalyze thriving, local, business networks4,7. It’s because the stakeholders are local. The niche is defined. Resources are shared, or exchanged, in such a way that everyone reduces costs. Robust trade economies are cultivated. There’s better collaboration. Quicker responses. Agile change to market conditions. Those who collaborate effectively to connect customers, suppliers, and partners, outperform their peers in virtually all business-performance categories, from management practices that boost higher margins and gaining higher market share, to boosting sales and increased profitability8. We must get outside of our comfort zones, which we’re only staying in because it feels familiar. It’s the only way for our local coffee shop or barber to compete at such a high level that they outperform corporate efforts to bury them in our own community. We must trade what we know, for what we may not know, because it’s proving the surest way we prosper. Together.


And Avontage takes all of this to the next level. The advantage is an easy-to-use, innovative platform, which allows you to engage in collaborative capitalism with the simple push of a button. These Collaborative Business Networks may be difficult to find. And a growth-minded community of small business owners, who value exchange and local profitability, like Avontage … is so niche it may be almost impossible to find. Avontage is here to change that, and we welcome you. We’re growing fast and supporting our communities across the nation. We know the future of small business is in collaborative capitalism at the local level. We uplift, support, and allow each other to flourish, as we work toward meaningful economic development. Are you willing to trade competition for collaboration? Willing to trade locally instead of giving your cash to corporations who don’t care about you? Those who are willing to take the step forward into collaboration as a business lifestyle are on the cutting-edge of the future of small business.

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