Barter Week: Staying in B&Bs Around the World for Free

Barter exchange for services is here to stay. True enough, the much-awaited Barter Week is happening n 60 countries in seven continents. Instead of paying cash on your choice of Bed and Breakfast hotel, you can now pay through services or skills. The free accommodation can be enjoyed by everyone who has something to offer back – from homemade goods to consulting services.

Slated to take place on the 19th-25th of November 2018, these worldwide bartering services are expected to witness success. This is the idea of the people behind the Italian website  They started the Settimana del Baratto, a barter option so customers can pay for the stay with anything aside from cash.

Since more and more travelers are becoming budget conscious, there’s no doubt that a lot of people will have the interest to join. Those who are in for experience will definitely benefit from this unique way of availing lodging

How does it work

Online lists are established by hosts so anyone who is interested can browse for their potential hotel choice. Once the person has chosen a B&B hotel, he or she can contact the accommodation for bartering with no fees or cost. Everyone is free to offer whatever is on the table. Still, the hotel owner has the right to decline a certain barter if it doesn’t equate the value of the accommodation.

Still, anyone can re-barter until the two parties come with a fair and square deal. Remember that the hotel choices are listed per country and under each continent. This makes browsing easier and faster for a traveler looking for a place to stay.

There are about 450 participating B&Bs who agreed to the scheme. All of these are located in 60 countries which is technically an international scale of Settimana del Baratto. More and more hotels are expected to get listed as the exchange of service is starting to gain traction.

What can I barter?

You can suggest just any valuable skill or service that you can give. For example, you can offer to teach a certain language, give some collectible items, or share your special chef recipes. With the hundreds of hotels joining the Barter Week, there is a high chance that you can land a deal.

Some of the most requested services among hotels are website creation, professional photography, advertising, laundry help, and a supply of fresh produce. Some hotels would even accept books as payment! There are also queer requests like ancient silver spoons, tall bicycles, or exotic pizza. This bartering marketplace is so diverse that you will never run out of hotels to barter with.

The only rule is that the value of the stay should be compensated well by the trading services or products. Still, the discretion of the hotel may vary.

The screening process and limitations

As everyone is free to join and barter with what they have, the hotels joining the Barter Week practice careful screening. They ensure that anyone who seals a stay on the B&B is guaranteed to pay the provide service or product.

Take note that only legal and decent services and products will be accepted. Since the Barter Week will span continents, some hotels may not accept marijuana as a trade. Perhaps a person and a hotel bartering within countries with legalities to weed might come up with a trade deal. Also, it is the B&B’s discretion to deem a barter inappropriate based on its values and culture.

Since this is the first Barter Week that is going to take place, members who have target destinations would have to barter hard to get accepted. The number of hotels per country or region will vary widely.

Upcoming features

Right now, everyone can browse the participating hotels but not in a categorized manner. Soon, Barter Week will roll out new features that will allow members to browse per category. There will also be an added functionality wherein members can see hotels that have year-round offers.

Also, more international and local business owners will sign up. There would be more options to look forward to on the next run. The barter exchange field is a budding industry. Soon, it won’t just be B&Bs, but five-star hotels and prime accommodations.


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