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Why Does Barter Trade Still Exist?

At Avontage, we help members barter in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sedona, or across Arizona to help owners by collaborating and minimizing expenses. Bartering allows a company or professional to trade services and propels a business forward in the same way as cash would. Here are a few examples of why barter trade still exists:

Local Service
Businesses & Venues:


Offering your slow times, unbooked hours, or empty seats in exchange for marketing, digital services, or 200+ other service categories.

Freelancers &


Offering your skills to fill your downtimes in exchange for any local or digital services.

Digital Marketers
& Influencers:


Offering your marketing services or unused ad spaces in exchange for any freelancer or local services you need.

 The best part about Avontage is it doesn’t cost anything to set up an account and can connect with local services, venues, freelancers, creatives, marketers, or influencers in your area to drive your business forward. We work hard to make sure everyone on our platform is high-quality member who has a passion for collaboration and trading services.

How it works?

Avontage, is an online marketplace for local businesses and professionals, freelancers, and marketers to trade-exchange services and barter without spending any money. At Avontage, you or your business can barter for services online to benefit both parties while conserving cash. Plus, it’s free to join, post offers, and connect.

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Why join Avontage?

First, as we mentioned earlier, Avontage is the ONLY barter platform to help promote and market your business without spending any money. It can help you and your business barter for services online and to push forward without hurting your expenses and finances.

Second, business owners and entrepreneurs are able to utilize your slow times and excess capacities to gain new customers you wouldn’t otherwise have to grow your business and expand your network.

Thirdly, we promote your services on Avontage via search engine optimization (SEO), Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and all other social media platforms and ads.

Click the link below to join for free!

Once enrolled, you can start posting business ads for free and earn $200 free AvontageBucks to start spending and connecting with local business owners in your area!

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