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Bartering Groups on the Rise


With the Covid-19 shutdown and the reopening of businesses across the states, times are tuff and finances are tight for many owners right now. The good news barter groups can help.

Chances are you’ve done some local trading or bartering on Craigslist, OfferUp, or perhaps even right here on Avontage. Thanks to barter groups, the internet, and mobile devices, trading and saving cash become an essential way of conducting business.

Trading and barter groups can help a company to pivot forward and keep the engine firing on all cylinders while keeping expenses at a minimum.

Even back in 2012, the Harvard Business Review published an article about the benefits of barter groups.

Today, with the use of apps and smartphones still on the rise, onsite and remote trading collaboration may be more important than ever – especially given the times and uncertain economy. Having a group of businesses to trade services online to is something you may want to have in your back pocket.

In years to come, business owners can take advantage of these barter groups and apps to reduce direct expenses by bartering.

How it works?

Avontage, is an online marketplace for businesses and professionals. It allows owners, freelancers, and marketers to trade-exchange services and barter locally.

Plus, it’s free to join, post offers, and connect.

So, why join Avontage?

First, Avontage barter group is the ONLY barter platform to help promote and market your business without spending any money. It can help you and your business barter for services online and to push forward without hurting your expenses.

Second, business owners and entrepreneurs are able to utilize your slow times and excess capacities to gain new customers you wouldn’t otherwise have to grow your business and expand your network.

Thirdly, we promote your services on Avontage via search engine optimization (SEO), Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and all other social media platforms and ads.

Click the link below to join for free!

Once enrolled, you can start posting business ads for free and earn $200 free AvontageBucks. Start spending and connecting with local business owners in your area, today!

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