How to Promote your Local Business without Spending Money?

One big dilemma that local businesses face is knowing how to stand out amongst competitors. Dozens of other businesses will be competing for the attention of potential buyers. For a small businesses owner marketing and advertising can be very expensive and many times fail to attract the right type of clientele. And with that, bartering your services is the way to go, as when you barter services you are doing business with other like-minded local business owners which could turn in to long term relationships.

Of course, there are other ways that you could exploit to gain your advantage. Here are some of the unique hacks:

Trade your services for marketing and advertising services

freelancer gig economy

For example, if you own a spa, you can offer a digital marketing agency owner one of your packages in exchange for marketing campaign. Not every advertiser will agree with this, but there are networking groups dedicated for such purpose. Through the cashless exchange of services, you get to promote your business. Not just that, you also enjoy the chance of using your advertising money on other expenses for your business or personal needs. It can be for buying additional equipment, expansion, or hiring new employees. Just make sure that you’re trading with someone you can trust.

Partner with an influencer

If you can’t find a marketing agency to trade your services with, bank on the Arizona influencers. Influencer marketing is where it’s at. Offer them the same service in exchange for posting and promoting your business on their social media accounts. It’s more likely that the influencers will agree to this arrangement.

But before you hop into this venture, make sure that the influencer is within your niche. If you own a restaurant, a foodie blogger would be ideal. If you have a photography business, an Instagram model in Arizona will be excellent.

Join groups

There are many local groups to join where you can promote your business. The one that’s related to your business niche is filled with potential clients ready to avail your services. It won’t cost you anything as forums and local listings are free to use.

Don’t just settle on the power of traditional forums, embrace social media too. This place is lush with leads that can be converted into customers. Doing this in line with trading with small business owners is unbeatable.


Trade your service for shout-outs

This one is on the same vein as partnering with influencers to promote your business. Connect with other businesses and known locals. You can offer them your service or goods in exchange for a simple shout out on their platforms.

This might sound like crossing on a tightrope, but it’s a gamble many businesses are willing to take. However, don’t go overboard to the point that you’re experiencing more losses than gains.

Know your locality

To grow your business, you have to know the pulse of the locals. Find out what specifically your potential clients are looking for. This way, you can customize and personalize your services. You can offer discounts and limited packages as long as it doesn’t hurt your bottom line.

Post your offers

You can do this on social media to reach a wider audience. Also, you can use platform like Avontage is an Arizona-based community-platform where you can curate and post your services as an offer. This way, other businesses within Arizona will see your business. They can request for trades and collaborative projects for the betterment of both businesses.

In Avontage, you can discover and purchase offers using their internal currency called “Ducats”. Take note, though, that this is available to Arizona businesses only for now. Your business should be based in Arizona to join their pool of locals.

Keeping it local

When using Avontage, you get to transact with local businesses. That way, you don’t have to pay for national level marketing. You get to target your potential customers with the least effort, and of course, with no cash. You can trade with them using your service and product.

Local business owners are apt to help other businesses within their area. With this sharing and connecting nature, you won’t have to let some bucks slip your hands.

Business networking is one amazing method of promoting your service. That way, you can offer trade-offs to enjoy advertising without paying for anything. You can keep your cash on your wallet which can be used for your business’ improvement and expansion.

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