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Are you a constant budget traveler? If you know bartering services, you no longer have to settle for less. The Barter Week rolls out this November and about 450 B&Bs around the world are joining. The premise: free stay in exchange for a service or product. But for those who don’t know have anything to bake, cook, or harvest, skills are the capital.

Both big and small business owners are joining the barter event. Here are 7 of the hotels that have opened their doors:

  1. Il Querceto B&B in Perugia, Italy

This B&B located at one of the lush spots in Italy is offering free stay on their $130 per night accommodation. Situated at the heart of Umbria, you will feast your eyes on the view of the Tiber Valley. It embodies the Italian artistry with numerous paintings dotting the hotel. It’s surrounded by forests and a panoramic swimming pool.

Request: Il Querceto B&B prefers barters who can help in masonry, plumbing, and electrical work. The more intensive your skills are, the more nights you can possibly stay.

  1. 1720 Quinta da Cancela in Portugal

This B&B is a country house in Portugal where barters can save as much as $130 per night. This is famous for its vineyard and an outdoor pool where you can soak your view on the countryside. A perfect retreat for those looking for a quiet respite, 1720 Quinta da Cancela has private balconies for guests.

This B&B is a family-run place that is now transitioning to its 6th generation.

Request: They prefer service business barter for landscape gardening and masonry.



  1. Hostel Kings n’ Queens in Zagreb, Croatia

If you’re planning to have a vacation in Croatia, try bartering for free accommodation with Hostel Kings n’ Queens. This is a humble abode that’s close to the Zagreb Main Square and the Zagreb Airport. Hostel Kings n’ Queens is more like an air-conditioned dormitory for solo or pair travelers. If you don’t fancy elegant hotels, this is a must-try. Besides, they don’t ask for too much in return.

Request: This B&B prefers barters for antique paintings, pieces of furniture, and clothes.

  1. Le Terra Nostra in Montreal, Canada

The Le Terra Nostra is an uppermarket B&B located at a quiet spot in Montreal. It’s just 10 minutes away from downtown which is good if you’re planning to roam around. Le Terra Nostra is originally a 1920’s-style property that’s converted into  B&B in 2005.

Request: They accept exchange of service for a stay in a property somewhere in South America. If you want to grow your business of a hotel or private estate, this is a topnotch barter.

  1. Ferrieha Farmhouse in Gozo, Malta

This farmhouse in Gozo is a secluded luxury property. This is the best pick if you want some quiet time along the Gozo beaches. It also offers a stunning view of the Comino’s Blue Lagoon. The cost of a stay here per night is around $130.

Request: Ferrieha Farmhouse prefers barters that can update their website or create an art piece for their B&B.

  1. Villa Menorah B&B in Larnaca, Cyprus

If you want a gracious and spacious spot with the perfect vantage point, the Villa Menorah is the place to be. It’s just 20 minutes away from the Larnaca International Airport. It’s a charming Greek stone village surrounded with lush gardens. A night of stay here costs around $100.

Request: They prefer guests who can offer services like masonry, chainsaw operation, and tree surgery.

  1. Dwell Hotel in Chattanooga, Tennessee

For a place in the countryside, the Dwell Hotel in Tennessee is open for barters. It’s one of the only eight properties in the U.S. joining the bartering marketplace initiated by Barter Week.  A night of stay here is around $250.

Request: They indicated nothing in particular for the barter, but they are willing to give a 6-night stay if you can offer them something impressive. That’s a whopping savings of more than $1,500.

Through bartering services, you can now enjoy exquisite B&Bs without spending your hard-earned cash. Start banking on your skills and you can avail a stay anywhere in the world. These 8 B&Bs are just a few of the hundreds of hot

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