6 Ways To Grow Your Business in Arizona

Bartering sounds like a remnant of the ancient trading practice. But in the modern world, it can actually grow your business to extents you can’t even imagine. Here in Avontage, we created a platform where local business owners can meet and post their offers. In return, it can be redeemed by other members. The result would be a healthy symbiosis of local businesses without the need to shell out cash.

Avontage is a free and decentralized market. Business owners can use it as a way to expand their business ventures, especially during down times. As long as you’re from AZ and you’re willing to hop in this method, you will benefit from the following ways.

  1. Helps you find new customers

Trading services will open many doors for your business. Every business has slow times every year where sales are at its low. For example, if you are a digital advertiser with scarce projects, you can post your offers on the platform. The other members of Avontage will then see it and avail your service with the Ducats, our online currency.

By curating your offers, you will also earn this so you can avail other offers too. As you see, its’ a win-win situation for everyone.

  1. Free online directory

Joining Avontage is free! You can have an accessible directory where other business owners can see your posts and offers. The good thing about Avontage is that you can curate and post offers for as much as 20 times a month. Just make sure that everything is up-to-date and you’re always on the lookout for possible trades.

Make your business easy to find. All you need to do is spend some time wading your way through the platform. Top that off with patience, your business will be golden.

  1. Networking

When you sign up for Avontage, you don’t just enlist your business; you also join a group. Bartering services will give you exposure. After a successful trade, that person may recommend you through word of mouth. That spells more dollars for your business.

Feel free to search for offers posted within the community. Expanding your business isn’t just about being patronized but you supporting members as well. Offers can come for health, photography, advertising, food, beauty, and a lot more.

Remember that bartering is about building relationships. These strong connections will be of use in the future.

  1. Keeping the cash on your business

The trick here is to identify where you spend cash and look for the same barter on Avontage. For example, if you’re paying for advertising during down times, a barter would save your money. Still, the ROI would be the same as paying it in cold cash. Use your Ducats so your money stays on your business and in your pocket.

The more exchange of service replaces your cash, the more it will be beneficial for your business. Still, you can perform barters for your personal enjoyment.

  1. Improved cash flow

Bartering instead of paying the services in cash will improve your cash flow. What you have to do is identify how much the service will cost in cash vs. in Ducats. Most likely, it will cost you less if you trade instead of pay. So for the same value of service, you can save as much as 50% on cash. This will then save your capital and improve your sales. This is very prominent when you trade for an advertising service.

  1. Transforming excess time to profit

During your free periods and your business has few customers, you can dedicate your time on Avontage. Curate your offers and look for posts within the community. Your capital here is your time and effort. Filling your empty schedules with barter exchange will be an excellent way to enforce your sales with no capital going out of your business.

Bartering income is a bonus on your business. It’s like opening another income faucet aside from your regular sales.

Avontage is a free and easy way to grow your business. All you have to do is channel your effort and time on this platform and in curating your business. When you do it right, the results will show on your business.

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