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The Best PR Agency in Arizona For Your Local Business

On this week’s Member’s Corner Blog, we are so excited to introduce to you one of our members, Elizabeth Lowney, the woman behind the Creative Buzz PR & Marketing.

Ellie of Creating Buzz PR, a guru of getting the unknown – known. She garners mass public relations for companies in many industries. In three months, she has had one client on Fox News, ABC 15, AZ Republic (twice),, Phx Biz Journal, Phoenix Magazine (three times!) AZ Foothills, AZ Big Media, AZ Signals, and more. She gets the valuable publicity you need to grow your brand!

Check out Creating Buzz PR and Marketing offers on Avontage and send Ellie a message to say Hello!

To know more about Ellie, we asked her the following questions:

Tell us about your background, hometown, family, hobbies, passions?: I grew up on the east coast, then midwest in high school and went to college in Arizona where I graduated with a BSBA in Marketing from UofA . After that, I was in Los Angeles and attended UCLA screenwriting school and wrote scripts. I moved to San Francisco for ‘one year’ and stayed ten. I fell into PR there. When I knew I wanted to be closer to family and have sunshine again – I moved here in 2016. 

What do you love about Arizona?:
The sunshine, and happy, friendly, people. The ability to jump on my bike or go hiking at any time. The freeway system is pretty nice too!

Tell us about your business. How long ago and how did you get started? What service(s) or product(s) do you offer?:
I was working for a fairly high profile company in San Francisco and putting on major events (many were fundraisers) when a PR firm asked me to join them as a partner. My first big client was a chain of five boutique hotels in the city. It was a lot of fun because I would come up with all sorts of ideas brainstorm on them with the owners and just put them into action. It was a crazy ride, as I was winging it most of the time – but somehow my ideas and blind enthusiasm created successes.

Who’s your ideal client? What’s the biggest problem you solve for them?:
A new or re-branding, upbeat, forward-thinking company with the mindset, optimism, and budget to let creatives do our thing and can see the big picture, and work beside us to implement it. Someone who has a compelling story and something to offer the world – or even just their neighborhood. I have had or have clients in hospitality, health & wellness, consumer products, tech, and apps. and many more industries. 
I create compelling stories and send them to my media contacts and other outlets that are aligned with that client’s story. I then pick up the phone or meet with journalists and really PITCH my clients. I am their BEST advocate, salesperson, and brand builder! I really create and grow their brand name, reputation, and credibility.

How do you market your business? How are people aware of your business?:
Mainly referrals right now, which has kept me too busy to market myself (even my website is not updated) but I am looking to branch out and grow my company so we can take on more clients at this time.

Tell us some of the challenges and lessons you’ve learned since you started your business.:
Although I am extremely creative, trying to do it all, bogs it all down. Find good people and learn to delegate. Know Thyself, which for me means – trust my instincts and creativity and hire others to do the rest.

To what do you attribute your success?:
Ridiculous creativity and optimism. Always being my clients best advocate and trying my absolute best (as if it were my own company) to get them the publicity they deserve. Also in this industry – the truth is important. I am honest with my clients and the media, I always tell the truth to journalists, so they know they can trust the clients and stories I send them. No fake news!

Whom do you seek advice from for your business? Whom do you like to follow in the business world? Why?:
Friends and colleagues. Sadly I grew up in a world where women didn’t have many mentors. Now I see my mentors more as friends, we share. Who I follow – I’m more into seeing trends, so don’t really follow anyone in particular, but Tim Ferris and Richard Branson are both great to follow.

If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out, what would it be?:
Know your strengths and follow your instincts.

How do you achieve work-life balance?:
It varies. I work out somehow every day – that has been consistent since college. I watch, listen to spiritual ‘stuff’ before bed and I am re-starting to practice a type of meditation I learned in SF that helps me be the observer and stay in both worlds as much as possible.
BUT – I have my bad days too when – like everyone else – I’ll do a Netflix marathon with wine and cheese and the phone and computer off!

Favorite quotes or book recommendations:
“Your Invisible Power” by Genevieve Behrend – it called me from a shelf in a bookstore.

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