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What Mistakes Do Entrepreneurs Make During the Hiring Process?

Entrepreneurs are often worried about the people they’re going to be bringing into their company. Hiring the right person can bring you extortionary results or additional stress if that person ends up being a dud. Understandably, entrepreneurs want to make sure that they are implementing every strategy possible to get the right person, but many of these tactics tend to be the wrong approach and even illegal. The following list entails some of the most common hiring errors entrepreneurs make.

Hire Talent or Skills Instead of Fit

Any company you run into will say the same thing; we want the best and the one with the most experience. Though experience does hold its benefits, it should not be the entire reason to hire someone. Someone who says they have three years of experience may actually have better-rounded skills and talents that someone with fifteen years of experience might have. Resumes can be misleading and often do not reflect the true capabilities of a person. Remember this the next time you’re rummaging through a pile of resumes and deciding who to call for an interview.

Ask Inappropriate Questions

You want someone who knows the products or services, trusts us; we get it. However, asking inappropriate questions such as income, pregnancy or other personal questions can, in fact, put you in hot water with the law. Often times, these questions do not appear in a formal interview, but when candidates are taken out to lunch. A change in the environment for some reason sometimes makes them forget that this is still an interview. If you find yourself going into these areas, quickly bring back the subject to official work-related questions.

Fail to Get Permission to Run Background Check

A person’s criminal record, although at times public, should still be tread lightly. Generally, there are transparency requirements when taking background check data into account when hiring. There are a plethora of online criminal background check tools on the internet, but these are often filled with errors ranging from dropped charges or even the person attached to those charges. In addition, most states require employers to request official signed permission from an employee or candidate in order to do these searches in the first place.

Most entrepreneurs have a million things going through their heads. However, every aspect of a business must be focused on the right strategy and execution according to the law and common-sense business practices. Simply adhere to the list above, and you’ll no doubt have a more enjoyable and effective hiring process.

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